Caravaggio Pendant Lamps

Caravaggio Pendant Lamps

Price: $395.00 - $1,095.00

Product Details

The painter Caravaggio worked wonders with light. Danish designer Cecilie Manz created the Caravaggio pendant lamp to provide a simple and elegant design that is suitable for many applications - it comes in five sizes ranging from a small pendant (6.5" in diameter) to a mega pendant appprpriate for large scale commercial projects.

An innovative fire and sense of detail express themselves in Cecile Manz's lighting designs. As she put's it, new products should either be innovative and rejuvinating, or offer improvement, in order to earn recognition. Thus, she has done her utmost to develop designs that no not steal attention from the light, but ensure that function always prevails.

i. Pendant 1 Small 6 1/'2" diameter 8" high - black or white high gloss 60W.
ii. Pendant Medi 2um 10" diameter 12 3/4" high - black or white high gloss 100W
iii. Pendant 3 Large 15 3/4" diameter 20" high - black or white high gloss 200W
iv. Pendant 4 X-Large 21 1/2" diameter 27 1/2" high - black or white high gloss 200W

Standard Cord Length: 1118"
The black lamp comes with a red cord, the white lamp with a dark grey cord.
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