House of Rym
House of Rym

House of Rym "Just My Cup of Tea" Cups and Saucers

Price: $18.00

Product Details

Serve your afternoon tea or your morning coffee Rym style. Their porcelain collectors' set contains many different pieces that come in various patterns, designed to be mixed and matched limitlessly. Pick your cup and your saucer, and be creative! Add the Dessert Plate for a lovely setting.

House of RYM was built on a love affair, between ancient handcraft and contemporary design. Between Tunisia and Sweden, between sustainable materials and intriguing aesthetics. Founders Rym Tounsi and Zied Youssef share a passion for their cultural heritage. But also a belief that design-lovers from other continents deserve to enjoy a modern take on traditional products. Because when you love something there is nothing better than sharing it with others. To get that perfect mix and make their vision reality, Rym and Zied work with talented Swedish designers Anna Backlund and Elisabeth Dunker. The result of this thrilling cooperation is House of Rym – the place where ancient Tunisian handcrafts and contemporary Scandinavian design fall head over heels…...In love.

Choose between these cup patterns (in order of appearance): Tu Es La Vague Black, Tu Es La Vague Yellow, Triangle Walks, Sprinkle Sprinkle Little Spot, Arbour Harbour, Seaweed and Honeysuckle, Tissage, Black Almond, or Howls in the Night, and choose between these saucer patterns (also in order of appearance): Stripes Never Wear Out Black, Stripes Never Wear Out Yellow, Stripes Never Wear Out Brown, Arbour Harbour, Tu Es La Vague Black, Tu Es La Vague Yellow, Twiggy, or Hats off For Mr. Squirrel.
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