Huset Gotland Sheepskin
Huset Gotland Sheepskin Huset Gotland Sheepskin Huset Gotland Sheepskin

Huset Gotland Sheepskin

Price: $430.00

Product Details

There is a growing desire to furnish our homes with genuine, natural materials, preferably those with their own distinctive personality. It is clear that sheepskin is one of nature’s most perfect creations. The unique combination of leather on one side and wool on the other offers many benefits. First and foremost sheepskin is beautiful to look at, and it has a plush surface that feels pleasant to the touch. Sheepskin is a natural temperature regulator; it helps keep you cozy in chilly weather and has a cooling effect when temperatures start to rise. Sheepskins stimulate blood circulation and distribute pressure; and the wools ability to absorb moisture and allow air to circulate also helps to reduce friction. What many people don’t know, however, is that sheepskins are also extremely hard wearing. These high quality sheepskins from sheep on the Swedish island of Gotland, produce beautiful and unique fur. This high quality skin maintains its luster and color without being affected by sun, wind and water.

These skins are smooth, silky and washable. Hand wash or 30° C machine wash, hang to dry.

Each skin is unique and may vary from picture by size and color.
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