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Hans Andersen The Steadfast Tin Soldier Book

A classic tale of endurance and fated love, reimagined by one of our great storytellers. The Moment the tin soldier lays eyes on the little ballerina, and she on him, the two know they are meant for each other.

To find one's true love is rare. To find true love without any obstacles is impossible. For the tin soldier and the ballerina, the obstacle is the goblin. Haunted by jealousy, the evil goblin throws the tin soldier from the warm nursery into a vast and perilous world, filled with greedy rats and hungry fish. Against all odds, the tin soldier finds his way back to the little dancer, only to be swept up again by the hand of fate.

With a satisfying twist on the original ending, Newbery-winner Rylant finds grace in the tin soldier's involuntary adventures. Her lyrical storytelling paired with renowned illustrator Jen Corace's bold images captures and enhances the beauty of Andersen's timeless tale.

32 pages