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Almedahls Draken Tablecloth

The Draken (or Dragon in English) pattern, has been loved and fondly cherished by several generations of Scandinavians. The pattern was originally designed by Signe Sohlman, who was instructed by Almedahls to design a hand-woven table-cloth to the international exhibition in Amsterdam in 1877.  The result was this beautiful dragon pattern, which was honored with a diploma and a gold medal for it's amazing design. 

Today, the dragon pattern is still  one of Almedahls most appreciated patterns. The weaving technique has changed since Signe Sohlman created the pattern, but the cloth is still woven with a large grade of accuracy in a very high quality. Details that are characteristic of workmanship from Almedahls. A perfect tablecloth for your table!


Measures:  59" x 117"

100% cotton


About The Designer


Almedahls is a Swedish textile company founded in 1846. While Scandinavian design tradition is their main source of inspiration, their in-house design studio works with both Swedish and international designers to stay on the forefront of modern design.

For Almedahls designers, the “feeling” their designs convey are of prime importance. This is true of both the look of their designs as well as the feel, which is why they use natural fibers of the highest quality. Astrid Sampe, Stefan Borselius and Claesson Koivisto Rune have all been part of various projects for Almedahls. They work together to create the classics of tomorrow.