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EGO Rubber Bowl


With its numerous shapes - a cone shaped deep bowl, a bowl with a collar, a bowl with an inner cone, a low bowl with various compartments, a zigzagged plate - this rubber bowl from Danish design brand EGO, is quite simply beautiful, but also distinctive. It rouses one's curiosity and triggers a reaction. It is a sculptural frame for fruit and nuts; it can be used as an ice pail or a hors d'oeuvre dish with separate compartments for sweets, snacks, dip, salsas and the like. It is ideal for decorative arrangements, in which the bowl is tipped or the angles used for individual placement of edible things. It works wonders with EGO's stainless steel dip bowl too (sold separately). The EGO rubber bowl is made from a strengthened rubber material, which is available in pure white, and dark moon gray and is produced in Denmark.*International customers: this item is based on dimensional weight for domestic US shipping, please contact our offices for international shipping rate.