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Elsa Beskow was a Swedish children's book author and illustrator. She is often called the 'Beatrix Potter' of Scandinavia. Swedish children have grown up with Elsa Beskow's books for over 100 years.


The Flowers' Festival: This is the story of Lisa during Midsummer, which is a huge celebration in Sweden. Lisa has to stay home, but the flowers are strangely calling her. She walks out in the meadow, and lays down among the flowers as she converses with them. All of a sudden, the Midsummer Fairy calls her name and says that the flowers wishes to invite her to their Midsummer party. Magically, all the flowers spring to life. Now started an amazing adventure with music, refreshments, and story-telling. You will get to know the flowers much better - what they really are like, how they feel, and what they do.

Around the Year: In this fantastic book by Elsa, we get to come on a year around trip with all kinds of friends. The book tells us through rhymes of what traditions, events and what everyday life that happens in Sweden every month of the year. We also learn the hours of the day, and all the days of the week. With amazing imagination, and beautiful thoughts turned into words and illustrations Elsa shows us how to spend a wonderful year with friends, family, and nature.

Pelle's New Suit: Pelle is a little boy in Sweden who owns his own little lamb. They both grew, but as the lamb's coat grew longer, Pelle's suit got smaller. Pelle needed a new suit. And who better to help him than his cute lamb, his sweet grandma, and mother? But there are things that are required in return. It is a beautiful story about love, family, and how we help each other.

The Sun Egg: Read the inspiring story about a little elf who loves to dance around the forest. One day, a large, orange egg falls into the wood. "The sun has dropped an egg!" decides the elf. Soon, her and her friends find out what it really is; but not before the sun egg is lost and the elf begins one of the best adventures she ever had. This is an amazing tale that will be loved no matter what age.

The Children of the Forest: The family lives in the middle of a forest and live under the branches of a huge pine tree. You can recognize them from the white-spotted red hats they always wear as protection. They play with their forest friends, and watch out for the dangers of living in a forest. They meet frogs, bats, snakes, hedgehogs, fairies and even a troll on their adventures! They are also amazing helpers to their loving parents all year around.

Peter in Blueberry Land: With amazing, lively, and creative images she invites us to join Peter in the search of blueberries for his mother's birthday. His quest turns out to be harder than he thought, but the King of Blueberry Land and Mrs. Cranberry comes to his rescue. Peter's journey brings him many things, among them new friends, and an exciting, fantastic adventure in the forest.