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Kaffe med Knuff Game

In just about any Swedish home, you will find a copy of the "Fia med knuff" game, (it's very similar to our Pachisi or Ludo). This wonderfully fun game is played on a board and it's a very common site to see people playing this game throughout Sweden. The board has four arms and each arm is five spaces long. Players roll one die at each turn and move clockwise around the board. If you end up on a square where someone is, you knock them back to their home ("knuff" means "push" in Swedish). This wonderful re-creation of the Fia med knuff game by Swedish designers Barbro Tryberg Boberg and Maria Dahlgren, "Kaffe med Knuff" (Coffee with a push) is perfect for kids and adults alike. Invite some friends over for coffee and play this wonderfully addicting game! Included with the English instructions is a recipe for traditional Swedish cinnamon rolls (Kanelbullar)!


Material: 50% cotton 50% linen game board, 16 wooden playing pieces, one die and cinnamon roll recipe.

Tea Towel board game measures 39" x 39"

Machine washable.

Recommended for ages 3+ years.