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Lovi Postcards


The idea of giving ornaments as gifts is great but the reality of it is that many of the ornaments we've seen seem to fall into the "bad office gifts" category. You know, the kind of thing that somebody gave somebody who's now giving it to you because they drew your name out of a hat for the secret Santa office exchange but really they have no idea who you are or what to give you. Lovi Love destroys that forever.

These are wooden postcards that turn into ornaments that we'd not only like to receive for the holidays but year round. In fact, we might even buy them just for ourselves and decide not to send them out at all. Designed by Anne Paso of Finland, they're available in black stain, white stain and natural and in bird, pig, ball, and egg shapes, all of which would look great on a tree, hanging from a doorknob or cavorting across a desk or coffee table. Made in Finland of thin birch plywood.

A postcard-like package includes everything you need: pre-cut pieces and a string with instructions. Choose between the pink piglet, the deer, or the angel.