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Mini Empire Linen Tea Towels


A newcomer to Huset is home decor brand Mini Empire and the woman behind the wonderful brand, Jenny von Döbeln, has made a success in Sweden with her fairytale world full of her charactistic owls and other subtle, finely drawn animals. Modern, but with a lovely retro twist we think.

These deluxe teatowels with either a sleepy pear in grey or yellow or a wonderful wooded nights cape is inspired by Swedish folklore and will surely garnish any old cottage or modern palace. Choose between grey pear, deep woods or yellow pear.


Measurements: 18x26 inches.

Material: 100% high quality linen.

Mini Empire

About The Designer

Mini Empire

Mini Empire design is characterized by the lightness of traditional Scandinavian design, the whimsical playfulness of fairy tales and the mystery of the Northern woods. The enchanting patterns and depictions stem from the imaginary world of Jenny von Döbeln - head designer and founder.

Jenny established the small independent company in 2010.

With a background education in graphic design, Jenny has been working as an illustrator and designer since 2007. Her illustrations are distinguished by storytelling and a rich set of details, always with a touch of surrealism. She depicts characters that we can all relate to, even though they exist in their own little world - the world of Mini Empire.

Mini Empire strives to create sustainable design - whether it is through supporting local craftsmanship or in creating timeless aesthetics that outlive seasonal trends.