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Rabens Saloner Glitter String Frances Sandal


Rabens Saloner's glitter handmade sandals combine traditional cobbling techniques with contemporary design. These minimalist flats are made from supple leather and feature all over glitter in either gold or silver, with adjustable slingback strap for the perfect fit.


Material: 100% leather

Rabens Saloner

About The Designer

Rabens Saloner

Rabens Saloner is a state of mind, a cross between wearable fashion and a genuine love for traditional craftsmanship. In part it’s a reaction to a fashion scene that has become too fashionable, too gimmicky and too predictable. Rabens Saloner designs things to wear that make life easier, well made garments that grow on you and have less to do with the battle cry of the season. 

If a thing can be done by hand and at a fair price, we will prefer it to the industrial alternative. Most of our items manufactured in the Far East and come out of little workrooms and family businesses. Village dressmakers, leather smiths, bone-polishers and armies of knitting grandmas contribute to every new collection. It goes without saying that the focus is on promoting sustainability in all countries of origin. In return, what you get is a unique product that may vary in colour and texture, but will carry its own subtle signature. We like this procedure, not just out of respect for handicraft and age-old tradition, but because a lot of our designs take shape in the cross between flair for fashion and skilled Asian craftsmanship.

“I like women that dress for themselves and create their own identity. Personality is important, but you have to dress accordingly. I design for women like that – women with a strong sense of personality. And I want you to feel good in my clothes.” – Birgette Raben Olrik