A Little Lovely Company

Founders and designers Judith de Ruijter and Nikki Hateley (moms of 7 kids combined) started their Little Lovely adventure in 2014 from a shared passion: transforming ordinary everyday home and kids room decorations into unique pieces with a personal and creative touch. Every Little Lovely product aims for a sense of fun and happiness. This philosophy has led to a unique brand which is committed to designing affordable products that deliver the WOW factor - making everyday life just a little bit more lovely. 


Almedahls is a Swedish textile company founded in 1846. While Scandinavian design tradition is their main source of inspiration, their in-house design studio works with both Swedish and international designers to stay on the forefront of modern design.

For Almedahls designers, the “feeling” their designs convey are of prime importance. This is true of both the look of their designs as well as the feel, which is why they use natural fibers of the highest quality. Astrid Sampe, Stefan Borselius and Claesson Koivisto Rune have all been part of various projects for Almedahls. They work together to create the classics of tomorrow.


Karin Ohlsson is the art director and illustrator behind the Swedish brand BahKadisch. Her creative and fun illustrations feature simple and humorous images of bearded men that are sure to brighten up any living space.   

Karin's designs are smart, fun and cool - with spot on quotes about the Swedish hipsters and their classic "Fika". 

A typical illustration of Karin's contains many lines and sparse color. It flourishes a lot of beards in the pictures and and is sure to spread some cheer. Inspired by everyday events and hilarious situations, Karin believes "what will be, it will be".


Brita Sweden

Brita Sweden is a family run business with a strong tradition in textile production. The Brita Sweden brand designs and produces organic fabric, kitchen accessories, plastic runners and other interior design items. Brita Sweden designs timeless products in playful color combinations, made of sustainable and long-lasting materials.

By Malene Birger

Danish fashion house, By Malene Birger, was born from the singular vision of its eponymous designer. The brand’s signature mix of crisp Scandinavian design and cool references to 50s and 60s styling has seen it climb the fashion charts. Instantly desirable and ever enduring.

Malene’s interest in design began at an early age. Her main inspiration was her grandmother and mother’s sharp eye for fashion and trends. She graduated from the prestigious Denmark Design School. After leaving Marc O’Polo as head designer, she established her first company – DAY Birger et Mikkelsen with Keld Mikkelsen and won the Danish Design Award in her first year. In 2003 Malene created By Malene Birger, which is now an international premium luxury brand known and loved in more than 40 countries.

By Nord

Danish design is renowned for simplicity, functionality and skilled manufacturing, and Copenhagen based brand By Nord is no exception. By Nord cushions, bedding and accessories epitomize Nordic style with a stunning collection of distinctive printed textiles artistically portraying Scandinavian animals, people and other Nordic icons.

By Nord was founded in 2008 with a vision of creating high quality cutting-edge products that respect nature. By Nord style can be summed up by the company slogan, “Where design meets nature”.

Cooee Design

Cooee Design is an innovative design company based in the south of Sweden. With a passion for mixing classic Scandinavian style with modern materials, Cooee Design has proven to be a true staple in Scandinavian home design.

Design Letters

Design Letters is a Danish design company founded in 2009 by former copy writer and journalist, Mette Thomsen. Words and letter have always been a passion for Mette, and by founding Design Letters she became one of the first to start the typographical trend, which has exploded during the past years.

In 2011, the company launched a series with the typography designed in 1937 by world-renowned architect Arne Jacobsen. This type is a classic yet timeless font that can be appreciated now and forever.

Eef Lillemor

Eva Lillemor is a creative a heart. Born in Amsterdam, The Netherlands and a mother of two, Eva has worked in design and advertising for over 16 years. Back in 2014 Eva created an Instagram account to show off her designs hanging on the wall in her daughter’s bedroom Within just a few months she got a massive following on Instagram that was growing each day. On a regular basis, she received questions about selling her poster designs. And that is how Eef Lillemor was born.

Now, Eva offers a wide range of original, quirky, creative, and versatile products like posters, postcards, feeding sets, wallpaper (and more). All of her designs are made with a lot of love and passion and just about everything in pretty pastel colors.

Evil Queen

Handmade and poured in Los Angeles, Evil Queen Candles are the product of Finnish artisan, Ida Sofia. Made with 100% soy wax and hand-blended fragrances free of harmful chemicals, Evil Queen Candles are a vegan, eco-friendly and sweet smelling way to lighten up the world around you.



Graphic images of scenic landscapes and creatures of the wild combine effortlessly in this perfect representation of the Scandinavian life – filled and surrounded by nature’s beauty and fierce presence. Their images are digitally printed on plywood for added depth and natural allure. Look into the eyes of our planet’s most beautiful creatures or become inspired by phrases that epitomize a return to nature – “Let’s Get Lost”.

Ferm Living

Danish brand, Ferm Living designs and manufactures a wide range of graphic lifestyle products, consisting of wallpapers, bedding, housewares and tea towels. At Ferm Living, the focal point centers on modern design made of the highest quality.

Ferm Living originated from a graphic design agency in Aarhus, Denmark, founded by Trine Andersen. Trine, now the Creative Director, has an eye for taking things like retro and vintage design and elements from nature, and reinterpreting them in a way that breathes clean, modern perspective into the designs.

Gardner and the Gang

Gardner and the Gang is a clothing line by Swedish Kristin Nystrom. All her garments are super soft and play friendly. Kristin illustrates all of the prints and her characters have a story to tell. Her illustrations are then turned into screens, which are then printed on organic cotton.

“I am taking inspiration from my experiences from living and traveling all over the world and want to normalize all people, animals and cultures to our children. We all live together in this world and we should all be friends.” – Kristin Nystrom


Gustavsberg has manufactured porcelain since 1825. Although, the Gustavsberg history originates from the 1600s, when Gustav Gabrielsson Oxenstierna and his wife, Maria de la Gardie, founded a brickyard in Farsta bay. In memory of Oxenstierna, Farsta bay later came to change its name to Gustavsberg. It was not until 1825 that Gustavsberg became known for their manufacturing of porcelain.

Gustavsberg is now a leading brand in the porcelain industry. Their mission is to offer innovative solutions that make everyday life easier and more relaxing. Their commitment to high quality production and Nordic design still remains central to the company’s nearly 200 years of design history.


Bridging the gap between architecture and fashion, Rolf Hay launched his namesake company at IMM Cologne in 2003 with the goal of bringing Danish design back to the innovative greatness of the 1950s and 60s in a contemporary context. Since then, they’ve accrued numerous awards for their work and have collaborated with established designers like Scholten & Baijings and Sebastian Wrong. Hay is committed to nurturing and promoting the originality of young talents as well as “exploring the twisted minds of established designers.”

House of Rym

House of Rym was built on a love affair between the contemporary design of Sweden and the ancient handcraft of Tunisia. Founders Rym Tounsi and Zied Youssef share a passion for their cultural heritage and also a belief that design-lovers from other continents deserve to enjoy a modern take on traditional products.

To get that perfect mix and to make their vision a reality, Rym and Zied work with talented Swedish designers such as Anna Backlund, Elisabeth Dunker and Cecilia Pettersson.

The result of this thrilling cooperation is House of Rym – the place where contemporary Scandinavian design and ancient Tunisian handcrafts combine to create beautifully tailored design.


Humdakin is a Danish brand located in Aarhus, which launched on November 30 2016 after five years of development. Humdakin’s mission is to combine beautiful design and cleaning. They provide quality, pretty packaging, a pleasant scent and environmental friendly products.

They are dedicated to offer a versatile selection of household and skincare products inspired by the Danish shores and forests. All of their products contain Nordic ingredients including sea buckthorn and chamomile, all of which will grant a pleasant and long-lasting scent while being gentle on the skin and our planet. 

Their textile collection is made of GOTS and OEKO-TEX certified organic cotton and is inspired by founder Camilla’s grandmother and the techniques from the 1950s. All of Humdakin’s products are manufactured at factories under proper working conditions.

 The essence of Humdakin is to embrace life and the privilege to choose a clean home for you and for your loved ones. Humdakin wants you to see the products as an everyday luxury and hopefully give you the feeling of wanting to keep your household fresh and clean.



Hunkydory was founded in 1996 by Ulrika and Christopher Bjercke. The Hunkydory line offers a new take on knitwear targeted to the contemporary young woman. The knitwear has always been a constant, but the line has evolved into a full range collection. The style is a casual mix of feminine Scandinavian ethnic style with a sporty feel and youthful attitude. The corporate philosophy, “Always looking for a new angle, ever changing but keeping the style” is instrumental in the process in the creation of the Hunkydory line.


Iittala, founded as a glassworks studio in 1881, is a Finnish design brand specializing in design objects, tableware and cookware. Named for the studios original hometown, Iittala, Finland. Iittala’s official logo was designed by Timo Sarpaneva in 1956. Iittala has strong design roots in glassware and art glass which can be seen in the early designs of Aino Aalto glasses designed by Aino Aalto in 1932, Alvar Aalto’s Savoy Vase (Aalto Vase) from 1936, Oiva Toikka’s Birds by Toikka glass birds collection from1962, Kastehelmi from 1964 and Tapio Wirkkala’s glasses Ultima Thule from 1968. Over time, Iittala has expanded from glass to other materials, such as ceramics and metal, while keeping with their key philosophy of progressive elegant and timeless design.


Iris Hantverk

The core of the business is the brush binding manufacturing at Sandsborgsvägen, Enskede – here 5 visually impaired craftsmen from different cultures make brushes according to an old Swedish tradition. The company also works with visually impaired craftsmen in Estonia, whose craft and connection to the visually impaired movement parallel the brand.

Iris hantverk has strong ties to and share their history with the Visually impaired organization in Sweden, SRF. In November 1870, Dr. Axel Beskov took the initiative of founding the Manilla School - a workhouse for visually impaired craftsmen in Stockholm. Initially there were nine people, most of them lived at the workhouse. A large part of DBF work came to revolve around the development of support for the artisans and their ability to live off their work. In 1902 DBF, "De blindas förening", a political independent group founded by the craftsmen, decided that materials for brush binding and basket making would be purchased collectively in order to reduce prices and be sold to the visually impaired craftsmen for purchase price. In 1906, a property was purchased becoming an office and library, brush binding factory, warehouse for raw materials, sales of raw material and a shop – the beginnings of what Iris Hantverk is today.

Today, brushes are still made by hand and of mostly natural materials in Iris Hantverk’s exclusive designs; forging quality, tradition and expert craftsmanship.


Klong is a sound, a clang. Klong is also a trademark that values timelessness. That wants to surprise and give unexpected experiences. Klong products are bold and innovative – created out of the designer’s expressions without succumbing to trends. Every piece is intended to be enjoyed for years, to be timeless.

L:A Bruket

Based on the west coast of Sweden, L:A Bruket is a skincare brand with a strong relationship with nature and tradition. Living and thriving along the coastline requires a respect of nature and an ability to adapt – resulting in a product range where solutions meet the everyday needs of modern life while establishing a synergetic relationship with nature.

Working with nature is a principal that guides L:A Bruket to constantly strive to find the best combinations of natural and organic ingredients from land and sea. Water, salt and seaweed are core building blocks that ensure that each and every product deliver the nourishment your body and skin need to withstand coastal, and urban living today.


Camilla Lundsten is an illustrator, designer and author who lives and works in Stockhom, Sweden. She graduated from Beckmans School of Design in Stockholm and worked internationally in the areas of graphic design, product design, interior design and illustration.

Today, she creates products under the Littlephant brand in addition to running her own design studio. Her line includes books, prints and posters, puzzles, games, toys and more. All of her designs are playful, colorful and so much fun. Camilla loves to draw and is constantly creating characters, places and images from her imagination. She says, “The wonderful thing about drawing is that it’s limitless… you can create whatever you want.”




Danish brand LuckyBoySunday creates luxury toys and soft furnishings that fuse childhood magic with adult artistic sensibility. Their quality designs are manufactured in Bolivia, where women working under Fair Trade standards create the products from the region’s highest quality Alpaca wool. The charming result is modern home furnishings and soft toys, which offer a beautiful take on the imagination of children.

The brand’s Danish designers, Camilla Koerschen and Camilla Ebdrup, are highly creative textile designers with backgrounds in fashion and art, who founded their studio in 2007. “ We sat down on a bench by the lakes in Copenhagen, shaking each other hands promising to design the best brand we could think off ”


Maileg is a Danish children’s design brand established in 1999 by Dorthe and Erik Mailil. Maileg designs are amusing and playful with whimsical touches of old fashioned Scandinavian and French looks. Dorthe Mailil has created all of the Maileg product line since 1999 – with her unique touch and expression. She creates toys to pass on to the next generation in hopes that these designs will inspire the creative imaginations of kids every time they play with a Maileg toy.

Maria Dahlgren

The career of Swedish Designer, Maria Holmer Dahlgren, began at the renowned Swedish stationary brand, Ordning & Reda. Maria co-founded Ordning & Reda, having designed for them for 18 years. Maria now has her own thriving design company, Metagram. She designs a variety of contemporary trays and other pieces aimed at the high-end tourist market, and is known for her portraits of cities, landscapes and other favorite places. Her design is represented all over the world and has had her own collection at the prestigious Tate Modern in London.

Of her work, Maria says; “There’s beautiful art all around us, if we just open our eyes to it.”


Founded in 1951 by Armi Ratia and her husband, Viljo, Marimekko is a Finnish company that designs and manufactures high-quality fabrics and tableware. Characterized by saturated colors and bold patterns, Marimekko’s products are visually striking, but they do not exclude delicacy or softness. Rather, Marimekko’s designs exist on a line between hard and soft, inspired by both urban and natural elements, and also by tradition and modernity. Although founded over sixty years ago, Marimekko remains relevant, as it promotes a timeless quality. Fashion and design may have short-lived trends, but Marimekko encourages its designers to create textiles and products that endure, both physically and visually.

Mette Duedahl

Mette Duedahl is a ceramic designer and the owner of her namesake Studio Mette Duedahl. She graduated in 2011 from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Center for Glass and Ceramics, Bornholm. In her products, she aims to combine high use-value with a simple, aesthetic and timeless design. She has collaborated with top Scandinavian design studios, such as the PUSH Coffee Maker and Cups produced for renowned Danish brand Muuto.

Mini Empire

Mini Empire design is characterized by the lightness of traditional Scandinavian design, the whimsical playfulness of fairy tales and the mystery of the Northern woods. The enchanting patterns and depictions stem from the imaginary world of Jenny von Döbeln - head designer and founder.

Jenny established the small independent company in 2010.

With a background education in graphic design, Jenny has been working as an illustrator and designer since 2007. Her illustrations are distinguished by storytelling and a rich set of details, always with a touch of surrealism. She depicts characters that we can all relate to, even though they exist in their own little world - the world of Mini Empire.

Mini Empire strives to create sustainable design - whether it is through supporting local craftsmanship or in creating timeless aesthetics that outlive seasonal trends.


Mini Rodini

Swedish children’s clothing brand Mini Rodini is known for its’ playful and quirky design, and rightfully so. Since 2006, Mini Rodini has produced designs that stand tribute to childlike innocence and imagination – a brand that matches children’s personality and creativity. You’ll find everything from treasure maps, to circus pugs, to their now famous wide-eyed robots print. Each new print is as imaginative and colorful as the child who puts it on.

Founder and Illustrator, Cassandra Rhodin, comes from a long line of artists and actors. The brand name is a celebration of her own heritage and homage to the legendary circus king Brazil Jack, otherwise known as ‘Rodini’, Cassandra’s Great Grandfather. Her family has inspired her creations in many ways, and her two sons provide a continuous supply of fresh inspiration, lending to Cassandra’s always fun and unique collections.

The Mini Rodini brand is made to fit all kids aged 0-11 years.


Molo is not a big design factory that treats children’s clothing as a secondary line. For them, kids come first, and their clothing reflects that passion. The basic philosophy of this Danish children’s design brand, is that when children are free to express their creativity through their clothing, they gain self-esteem and confidence.

Molo believes that the fit of the clothing should allow for freedom of movement while the rich details and wonderful colors allow for freedom of expression. Their clothes open a world of possibilities for the kids without limiting them.
Molo’s clothing is unique and unpredictable. They have successfully mixed durability and funky colorful design that has a humorous slant. Even their hugely successful baby line strays from predictable silhouettes and pastel colors. Their clothing is full of fun, quirky details set within the context of the clean and “raw” design traditions of Northern Europe.




Muuto is inspired by the Finnish word muutos, meaning ‘new perspective’. Muuto strives to expand the strong Scandinavian design tradition with a new and original perspective through forward-looking materials and bold thinking. Rooted in this tradition, the designs are characterized by aesthetics, functionality, craftsmanship and an honest expression.

For Muuto, the design begins with the person - they handpick talented contemporary designers and give them the freedom to express their individual story through everyday objects. They say you will know their design because it has muutos – and we agree.


Founded by Henriette Bach in 2012, Nordstjerne was one of the first design companies to launch a collection with marble at Danish interior fairs. Since that time, Nordstjerne has caught the attention of design lovers around the globe and launched collections of products in materials ranging from solid brass to colored suede and more. At the core of Nordstjerne's design is the combination of functionality with a hint of decadence that is greatly inspired by the rawness of the Scandinavian and Nordic landscapes. Nordstjerne seeks to bring that unique feeling indoors with simple and elegant decor items to compliment any interior style.

Normann Copenhagen

Normann Copenhagen is a Danish design firm that produces innovative and high quality design products in cooperation with world-renowned designers. The brand believes in creating original, bold and eye-catching products in a simple and contemporary design that withstands the test of time. The goal, in other words, is to challenge conventional thinking and make the ordinary extraordinary through great and innovative design. Their range consists of versatile furniture, sculptural lighting and clever accessories.

OMM Design

OMM Design, based in Stockholm, Sweden, creates fun, bright and functional designs that are appealing to kids and adults alike.

OMM's beloved collection includes the works of Ingela Peterson Arrhenius, an illustrator for OMM Design, whom has a self-described naïve style influenced by the designs of the 50s and 60s. As a freelance illustrator, she has been commissioned for creating print patterns for fabrics, wallpaper, stationery as well as packaging, product design, home accessories and toys. Her retro styling and bold type has drawn international acclaim.


OYOY is a youthful Danish interior design company whose vision is to design functional products focusing on form, function, color and exquisite materials. The name OYOY is inspired by the letters OY, which since 1929 has been written on every Danish airplane regardless of where in the world it may be located. The letters indicate that we are a Danish company.
The company is inspired by the classic, Scandinavian style, adding undertones of simple, Japanese design and a passion for combining color and materials. The result is a unique blend of simplicity and colorful design.

The primary designer of OYOY is Lotte Fynboe, who was educated at TEKO in Herning with a specialty in interior and furniture design. Shape, graphic, color and clean materials inspires Lotte. A lot of the products are redesigns of her own childhood memories, “The simple things should have one color stroke, which should be seen and give the product edge. The things we surround us with should make us happy and give us energy.”

Paper Collective

Paper Collective is a collaborative effort that brings together the best graphic designers, agencies, artists and illustrators to create iconic graphic prints while promoting great causes and charities. Each limited edition print collection is designed to support a cause, donating 10% to the chosen charity. All prints are produced of high-quality FSC-certified material and certified by the Swan mark (the official sustainability label for Nordic countries), made locally in Denmark.


With decades of studying automotive styling cues and figuring out how cars are put together, Julian Meagher hones his years of auto knowledge and research into a coherent series of vehicles that include the Classics, Midi's, Mini's and Mavericks. The designs are an eclectic mix of art, fashion, traditional product design, modernism and of course car styling. Playforever uses the best materials available so the surfaces are flawless and the products are unrivaled. The aim is to create virtually indestructible art-toys that last a lifetime. Several levels of inspection occur to ensure quality and EN71 and CPSIA compliancy worldwide. The result is a timeless product that will look just as well on a shelf as it will on the floor.

Pretty Paper

Pretty Paper is a design and letterpress studio in Stockholm, Sweden. Pretty Paper creates luxurious personal stationery that combines bold elegance with a Scandinavian touch. Pretty Paper's stationary products walk the line between art and graphics. Striving for a sophisticated look that leans towards a vivid expression, Pretty Paper creates everything with love and works with partners who do the same.


The idea of PyroPet came to Thorunn while studying at the Royal College of Art in London in 2011. After exhibiting the cat candles (called “The Devil’s Pet” back then) in Milan and at her graduation show in London, they quickly gained a lot of attention on the internet. She joined forces with Dan Koval and they launched a Kickstarter campaign to finance their little startup.

The campaign was a great success, in only 4 days they had reached their funding goal and at the end of the campaign they had reached 250% of their initial goal. Thorunn and Dan founded PyroPet Candle Company and are now selling Kisa in shops and galleries all around the world. More products will be added to the collection in 2017.

Rabens Saloner

Rabens Saloner is a state of mind, a cross between wearable fashion and a genuine love for traditional craftsmanship. In part it’s a reaction to a fashion scene that has become too fashionable, too gimmicky and too predictable. Rabens Saloner designs things to wear that make life easier, well made garments that grow on you and have less to do with the battle cry of the season. 

If a thing can be done by hand and at a fair price, we will prefer it to the industrial alternative. Most of our items manufactured in the Far East and come out of little workrooms and family businesses. Village dressmakers, leather smiths, bone-polishers and armies of knitting grandmas contribute to every new collection. It goes without saying that the focus is on promoting sustainability in all countries of origin. In return, what you get is a unique product that may vary in colour and texture, but will carry its own subtle signature. We like this procedure, not just out of respect for handicraft and age-old tradition, but because a lot of our designs take shape in the cross between flair for fashion and skilled Asian craftsmanship.

“I like women that dress for themselves and create their own identity. Personality is important, but you have to dress accordingly. I design for women like that – women with a strong sense of personality. And I want you to feel good in my clothes.” – Birgette Raben Olrik

Rice dk

Rice dk is a Danish home wares and accessories brand, well known for their colorful melamine tableware and kitchenware. Founded in 1998, the designs have always been inspired by ‘the good old days’ with retro designs and fun pops of color.



Why “rice?” – Rice is a basic survival product for many people in this world and especially for those living in the developing world and this idea appealed to them. In fact, many people working in Madagascar receive a bag of rice as part of their salary package. Rice dk products are produced with a clear conscience. All Rice products are designed and developed in Denmark and are produced in in ethical conditions, being the first Scandinavian country to be certified by the SA8000 standard.



Samsoe & Samsoe

Samsoe & Samsoe is a Danish fashion brand whose history goes back more than twenty years when two creative brothers opened the Samsoe & Samsoe jewelry store in the Latin Quarter of Copenhagen. After a short while the two brothers started designing and producing clothes. In the year of 2000 Peter Sextus Rasmussen and Per Ulrik Andersen bought the brand and have since managed a company on the move.

The fundamental identity of Samsoe & Samsoe is based on a unique and recognizable Scandinavian design. The ambition is to develop an attractive, market-oriented and international design based on Scandinavian design traditions that are modified by the present trends and tendencies.




Skagerak is a family-owned company with historical roots in Scandinavian geography and proud furniture traditions. Their passion for wood and quality production have remained intact as they continue to develop a modern design brand with an extensive selection of contemporary products in a wide range of materials, created by established designers as well as up-and-coming talents. Their products are designed to ensure a long lifespan by virtue of their aesthetic and functional qualities.


The essence of the Scandinavian way of life is found in life’s small moments; the cycle ride to work, the joy of endless summer days, the raw nature and the priority of family over career.

“And we believe the absolute essence of Scandinavian lifestyle is right here - in the colour, scent, light and warmth of a flickering candle flame and a glow that not only burrows deep through the wax, but one which nourishes the soul too.” After all, Scandinavians use more candles than any other nation in the world. They use them morning, noon and night, twelve months a year. Because they know that a candle makes any moment softer, more informal, and a bit cozier.

Skandinavisk Hemslojd

Scandinavian Handicraft AB was founded in 1995 by Ulla Persson and Anna Linderholm under the name Crafts Boden AB. The focus was initially to promote hand-painted and customized wood products and textiles. Both Ulla and Anna are artistically talented and it was therefore natural that they painted all the products themselves in her own studio. Ulla and Anna care about the old craft traditions whilst taking responsibility for the quality, range and sales.

Besides wood and textile range, Scandinavian Handicraft AB also offers an exciting selection of placemats, trays, coasters, etc. with the inspiring motives of Anna Linderholm, Kerstin Westin and Brother Eric. 

Their close collaboration with artisans throughout the Nordic countries has resulted in their products being represented in all Nordic countries, Germany, Iceland, Belgium, France, Austria, Hungary, Australia, Spain, Italy, Japan and the United States.


Stelton was founded in 1960 and the foundation for future success was laid in 1964 when Peter Holmblad, Stelton’s managing director, established collaboration with the leading Danish architect and designer Arne Jacobsen. The result, the now famous Cylinda-Line tableware range, was launched in 1967.

Cylinda-Line immediately attracted considerable attention because of its serene and functional design. In 1971, the company brought on designer Erik Magnussen. His first creation for Stelton, the stainless steel vacuum jug with a unique rocker stopper, was introduced in 1977 – the best-selling product to date for the company.

Rooted in Scandinavian design tradition, the company seeks to continue its’ position as a leading design house with the most innovative, trend-setting design.

Studio Arhoj

Studio Arhoj is a Danish interior and design studio lead by Anders Arhoj.

Originally founded in Tokyo in 2006, Studio Arhoj is now headquartered in the harbor of Copenhagen, Denmark, where they create unique pieces through exploring the relationship between traditional Japanese culture and Scandinavian simplicity.

Focusing more on form than function, each object is thoughtful, beautiful and truly unique.


Swedese is a classic Swedish furniture producer with a strong anchor in both public and domestic domain. Swedese’s ideals are the same today as they have been for the better part of a century: to create beautiful furniture for the future, which builds on the foundation of Scandinavian modern tradition, designed by forward-thinking designers who share in the timeless ideals of architecture.

Swedese was founded in 1945 by two brothers, Yngve and Jerker Ekström, and is headquartered in Småland, Sweden.

Many modernist architects were universal designers with not only a clear understanding of designing buildings, but also their interiors. Swedese’s founder, Yngve Ekström, was no exception. Together with names including Alvar Aalto, Bruno Mathsson, Arne Jacobsen and Poul Kjæholm, Yngve was at the core of a generation of designers who made the “Scandinavian Modern” design concept famous throughout the world. With a keen eye, he designed Swedese’s furniture, the head office building, logo, catalogues and personalized the Christmas cards – he had his hand on every work, and his legend lives on in the Swedese brand.

The most well known design of Yngve Ekström's extensive portfolio is the Lamino armchair from 1956, which is still manufactured and sold all over the world. In 1999 the Lamino was voted the Twentieth Century's Best Swedish Furniture Design by the Swedish interior design magazine Sköna Hem.


“Urskog is a Swedish riding concept returning to one of our oldest materials, creating something timeless in a modern form. Boards where you can feel classical wooden surf and our northern roots in every line and every curve. The naked wood makes each board unique like the tree rings of the surface. Boards created where the woods meet the sea, grown where the waves end and the streets start.”



Verso Design was established in 1997 by mother and daughter duo Kirsikka Savonen and Tuttu Sillanpää. Tuuli Burman, Tuttu's sister, joined the company shortly afterwards. Today, the fast growing company is a leading Finnish design brand. The family-run business is based in Helsinki, Finland. The Verso Design product range consists of high quality home furnishings and interior design products, taking much inspiration from nature and natural materials.

Ylva Skarp

Swedish calligraphy artist and designer Ylva Skarp crafts with brush and pen in hand. Using calligraphy to form images from words, she mixes the modern with the traditional to create unique pieces for the contemporary home. Educated at Roehampton Institute in London, Ylva Skarp has worked 15 years as a professional calligraphy artist and designer. Despite her international presence, Ylva places great value on her work being and remaining 100 percent Swedish.

“Some elements may be a bit unexpected, but I can’t stand perfection – things need to be a little irregular,” – Ylva Skarp


Tine Mollatt, Norwegian fashion brand byTiMo’s founder and creative director, created byTiMo in 2004 with the vision to offer high quality clothing at justifiable prices, without compromising her beliefs.

byTiMo creates garments honestly and with integrity, bringing modern romance to timeless craftsmanship. Truthfulness, consciousness and quality are byTiMo’s guiding beacons. These values can be found within every part of byTiMo, from the factories they work with to the fabrics they use and create. The styles are inspired by vintage fashion and are made with special attention to detail and tailoring techniques. Colors and prints are unique and made in-house, ensuring an exclusive finish.