Bar & Cocoa Norwegian Chocolate Bars 3
Bar & Cocoa Norwegian Chocolate Bars
Bar & Cocoa Norwegian Chocolate Bars 3
Bar & Cocoa Norwegian Chocolate Bars 1
Bar & Cocoa Norwegian Chocolate Bars 2

Fjåk Norwegian Chocolate Bars


Indulge in the award-winning Norwegian chocolate bars! Made in Norway, these bars are truly a treat. The cocoa beans comes from PISA, Haiti. PISA is the only company purchasing and centrally fermenting wet cacao, and as a result are able to sell it at a higher price for its higher quality. Awards: 2019, Silver International Chocolate Awards Fjåk Chocolate, Norway’s first bean to bar craft chocolate maker. Fjåk focuses on ethically traded, organic cacao beans while using fresh ingredients inspired by their surrounding Nordic nature.

Their little factory is located in the Hardangerfjord in Norway from where they source nordic ingredients.

Fjåk Black Forest Cherry Milk 50% (Cake Series): This bar is part of Fjak's 'Cake Series' bars where they reinterpret classic cakes, as chocolate bars. Although this cake’s roots are in Germany, Fjak's factory is actually located in a region abundant with sour cherry trees. Therefore, this flavor was an obvious choice, especially when you consider; there are not many better combinations than cherry and chocolate.

Fjåk Dark Thai Chili 70% (Limited Edition): As part of their ‘World Flavors’ series, and by popular demand, they finally get busy exploring the fantastic combination of chili and chocolate. By lacing the beautiful Thailand cocoa beans from Chanthaburi, with the aromatic heat of Thailand's most emblematic flavor of Bird Eye chili, they find themselves somewhere between the colorful street food markets of Bangkok and the lush green cocoa plantations of southeast Thailand. Boom!

Fjåk Milk Chocolate w/ Brown Cheese Chocolate 45%: Round creamy milk chocolate with a crunch of Norwegian goat cheese from Undredal Stølsysteri & Nordic salt from North Sea Salt Works.

Fjåk Organic Dark Chocolate Madagascar 70%: Bold dark chocolate full of character, with rich notes of black cherry & citrus. Awards: Gold 2018 Academy of Chocolate, 3 Stars 2018 Great Taste, Silver 2018 International Chocolate Awards Fjåk Chocolate