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Our two best selling scents are now available in a reed diffuser!

palo santo, saffron, tonka bean, champaca, golden amber

A fragrance that captures the scent of cool fog on a summer day. Fresh ozonic notes drift above a canopy of woody palo santo, while golden amber evokes the warmth of the sun.
sandalwood, cardamom, sichuan pepper, vetiver, amber

A calm and reflective scent reminiscent of an ancient temple. Warming sichuan pepper leads you to a heart of rich sandalwood and aromatic cardamom, while soft amber provides an eternal glow.

Directions: Place reed diffuser on stable surface. Unscrew cap and remove plug. Replace cap and place reeds into bottle. Allow oil to travel the length of the reeds. Enjoy the fragrance as it is dispersed into the air. We recommend using 6-8 reeds for a lighter fragrance. For a stronger fragrance use 10 reeds.  

Expect up to 120 days of continuous fragrance.

6 oz / 3.35" dia. x 3.25"H black matte vessel / 9" reeds, set of 10 / up to 120 days continuous scent / no parabens, phthalates, or sulfates / made in California